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Vestigo Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that invests in early-stage technology companies focused on financial services. Its team members, including advisors from academia and the corporate world, are entrepreneurial, highly experienced, and deeply grounded in financial services, asset management, behavioral finance, and growing start-up companies. The complementary strengths of its team members uniquely position Vestigo to identify, make and manage investments in financial services technology companies. 

Jun 6, 2023

Austin McChord is a relentless entrepreneur whom many of you will know as the founder and CEO of Datto, which was recently sold to Kasaya for $6.2 billion dollars. He is also a founder at Casana (a medical device company where he is the CEO), Havoc Robotics, Outsiders Fund, and serves on the boards of Zorus and Shelf. Perhaps most importantly for this show, he is a co-founder and chairman at Cork, a cybersecurity solution for managed service providers (MSPs - heads up I’m going to use that term a lot in this episode).

Carlson Choi is a co-founder and CEO of Cork. Prior to founding Cork, Carlson held technology leadership roles at Datto, Superluminal, Jack in the Box, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Mattel, and Activision Blizzard. He has dedicated his career to launching disruptive industry product and solutions from the earlier days of online digital gaming, digital to life toys, and mobile food ordering.